Student Tenancy Agreements Are Outrageous – by Ryan Elliott

It is quite literally a case of robbery. Stealing from the poor, giving to the rich. £155 a week is what I pay for my single bed and bathroom as a student in London, and I’m not even in central. Fair enough, the average price for student halls in this country is just below £110 a week, and I do get all the opportunity that comes with living in the capital. The price bothers me, but not as much as the tenancy that I, along with thousands of other students,  had to sign.

I’d like to remind you all that we’re students. We don’t have any money. For most individuals at my University, their student loan doesn’t actually cover their rent, meaning they have to pay the excess on top of living costs.

The tenancy we sign is for 38 weeks (there is no alternative). Now, I finish University officially on April the 2nd, when I will in fact be paying for a flat I don’t need until July, costing me over £1,400 extra. Scandalous.

Does a flexible tenancy just not seem more logical and more fair? How about taking an extra ten minutes with each student to plan when they’ll need the room up to? It isn’t rocket science. I’ll tell you why it won’t happen, however. Money and greed. People don’t seem to understand that students don’t have money. Most people are here to get a degree which will enable them to earn more money. We’ve had every last penny squeezed out of us, and we’ll spend a good chunk of our lives trying to pay it all off, for the benefit of those at the top end.

I’m not saying we need to cause a riot and bring London to a halt. I’m simply suggesting that the relevant parties should bring this matter to discussion, as it is killing us students financially.



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