The Roxy, a review by Grace Brown

As it was a flat mates birthday I thought it’d be good to find somewhere new to try out on a night out. Being students, we didn’t want to go anywhere that was too expensive. After a little research I decided on The Roxy for a night out.

Just off of Tottenham Court Road, The Roxy is a brilliant place for students. With themed nights every day of the week, there’s something for everyone. We went on their night “Choke” which plays HipHop, RnB and Garage all night long.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 18.24.23

Entry fee is a reasonable £4 with your student card for 5 hours of dancing as the event is on from 10pm to 3am giving you more than enough time to gulp down several of their excellently priced drinks. Don’t be fooled into thinking that The Roxy is just for students though; there were a lot of adults taking advantage of the deals on offer.

Drinks were very affordable, ranges of cocktail pitchers priced at £8 are the best choice, there’s enough in there for three people to share if you wanted to split the costs. Double vodka mixers are £3.40, extremely cheap for London, and there’s a two for one deal on Kronenbourg beers. There is a drink menu on the wall at the back of the bar instead of leaflets so it makes it easier for guests to see which is handy. I’d recommend their Long Island Ice Tea for definite.


The Roxy itself is spacious, there’s plenty of room to get around even when it’s packed and modernly decorated in a simple wood, brick and monochrome theme. The name of the event was lit brightly on the wall on a poster; they have one for each club night. The music being played all night ranged from ‘90s garage classics to current day chart songs, which will keep everyone happy. The atmosphere in the place was very lively and happy, no sense of friction between guests all night. The bouncers were friendly and provided help with taxis at the end of the night, and the bar staff were very efficient with delivering orders on time.

If you’re looking for a good night out in the city on a budget, head to The Roxy! I’ll definitely be going back there.


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