Loathy London: Boohoo.co.uk (A Review by Pinar Djafer)


The fashion capital’s reputation is in the hands of sloppy sites like Boohoo.com.

Boohoo.com is famous amongst teenage Brits because of its cheap tat. With student discount, promotional codes and offers added to the already affordable items of clothing, Boohoo.com appears to be a place for stylish and affordable fashion.

However, the site is far from being a place of bargains. You get exactly what you pay for – poorly made, ill-fitting clothing. But, it’s cheap and chirpy for students with pieces starting from just £5. I don’t particularly mind paying £25 for a red polyester dress because it’s unlikely to make it through one or two messy nights out anyway.

My issue is that when transactions get messy, you will find yourself dealing with a half-hearted customer service department that make your life that bit more difficult.

I ordered three dresses from the site a while ago on a Thursday afternoon to wear for a friend’s birthday on the Saturday. I ordered three styles as I am aware that due to the poor materials used, some size 8 dresses fit like a size 12 and others like a size 4. I paid the extra fee for Next Day delivery and was well within the time period for a Next Day arrival of my items.

None of the dresses came the next day or in time for the friend’s birthday. I ended up wearing an old black jumpsuit that I already had several pics in on Instagram. I was very annoyed.

One of the dresses came the next Monday and the other on the following Thursday. Despite my vexation, I didn’t contact Boohoo.com as they do not have a contact phone number. You can contact customer service by email, but I wasn’t bothered for a reply 24 hours later. The damage had already been done.

I was more concerned later when two weeks had passed and I still hadn’t received the third dress I paid for. Annoyingly, the most expensive one. This time I was compelled to write an email. The next day I received the stupidest response I could have ever expected. It read something along the lines of: We are sorry to hear about your order. We have investigated into your order details and it appears that your item was sent out to you. Please check inside the delivery bag again.

How dare they insinuate that I could not see a dress in an A3 sized delivery bag. Unless, of course, it was a special kind of Mary Poppins bag whereby the walls of the bag were endless.  I sent another email confirming that I had tipped the bag upside down and inside out.

Another lady from the customer service team responded saying that the item had actually been cancelled from my order due to the stock being unavailable at the time. She explained that sometimes an item may appear as available when this is not the case. This was understandable, but should have been communicated to me without the unnecessary hassle especially when ‘Next Day’ delivery indicates that the item was required urgently.

As an apology, I received my refund. I am most grateful. I received nothing else as a goodwill gesture to apologise for the inconvenience caused. It was only when I made a public complaint on the site that someone decided to comment back offering to put £3.99 in my Boohoo account to use on my next order.

I decided to call this an ‘unlucky transaction’ and have given Boohoo other chances since. I have had several more issues with delayed refunds and slow delivery. I will not be using the site again.

Despite the advancement of technology and the purpose of online shopping to bring ease to the shopper, it appears that in-store shopping is still much simpler. In stores, we can find whatever catches our eye, try the fit there and then, and hand in your payment without the need of a third party like Paypal or filling out long billing details. You can then take your items away with you in time for your event. Saves me dealing with sloppy sites like Boohoo.com again.

It seems Boohoo has brought other shoppers to tears too:





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