University Fees – an opinion piece by Grace Brown

Are university fees acceptable for the amount of time students really spend at university?

The fee rose from a modest £3000 per year in 2012 to staggering £9000 a year, triple what it was a couple of years previously. It will now cost students the amount that it would have in one year that it would have cost them for the whole three years.

Students are now going to get into collasal debts thanks to the governments genius idea to up the tuition fees. I’m not surprised that many students choose to work after finishing compulsory education. 

From my own experience at university I’ve seen that my academic calendar works out at around five months out of twelve. Students are happy to accept long holidays with one month at Christmas, one month at Easter, and a five month summer holiday. 

For me, I’d prefer to feel as though I’m getting the most of my university education and would rather longer semesters instead of longer holidays.

I think it’s time that the government reconsider the tuition fees to enable students to live an easier life than the one their already struggling with.


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