Review: Student living location – Kenton (by Ryan Elliott)

Kenton. A popular place of living for those attending the University of Westminster. Mainly due to the fact that the University itself is a stone’s throw away. But how is Kenton as an area? How are the transport links? What about the shops? I investigated.

Transport links

Kenton itself has a train station which connects to the Bakerloo line and the London Overground. Northwick Park, which runs on the Metropolitan line is also only a couple of minutes away in terms of walking distance, and you can access central London in under half an hour quite easily. In terms of getting around, it is a pretty handy location. The bus links are also good for getting around the local area, but night buses from central are limited in terms of those that run directly into Kenton. This can be a problem if you’re particularly social and outgoing.

Rating: 7/10 

Area prosperity

Unfortunately, Kenton isn’t that great of an area in terms of prosperity. The high street is flooded with cheap takeaways, newsagents and a couple of travel agents. There is also much work than could be done to the buildings, some of which look like they’re on the verge of falling apart. It’s not exactly a hotbed of tourists, let’s just leave it like that.

Rating: 3/10

Night life

For students, there is practically no night life in Kenton. Though there are one or two bars, they’re usually empty, and there isn’t a sniff of a student night or student discount. Harrow is a much better alternative, and within a 15 minute walking distance, meaning it is easy to get there and back.

Rating: 1/10

Range of shops

There is only one supermarket in Kenton – Sainsbury’s. Though this means you have good access to food supplies, it also means you’re paying higher prices than you would in most other big supermarkets. Shop wisely, however, and it isn’t that great of an issue! In terms of retail, the range is incredibly poor. You could count the big retailers in Kenton on your hand, and for any sort of retail therapy you’d be better off heading straight into Central London.

Rating: 4/10

Living costs

Due to the area not being overwhelmingly prosperous, the flats and houses are a little cheaper than surrounding areas such as Harrow. Though I wouldn’t expect to be staying in the Ritz, staying in Kenton means cheaper rent and not having to commute to University. Excellent for money saving!

Rating: 9/10

Conclusive comments

24/50 doesn’t sound too flattering, I’ll be honest. But if you’re a student, you can’t expect anything too glamorous anyway. The University is on your doorstep, Harrow is nearby, and you have more than adequate transport facilities. I would recommend London, because we’re students, and most of us are skint. Save your money and live somewhere more glamorous when you’ve got that degree! Kenton certainly has my approval.


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