University Fees – an opinion piece by Grace Brown

Are university fees acceptable for the amount of time students really spend at university?

The fee rose from a modest £3000 per year in 2012 to staggering £9000 a year, triple what it was a couple of years previously. It will now cost students the amount that it would have in one year that it would have cost them for the whole three years.

Students are now going to get into collasal debts thanks to the governments genius idea to up the tuition fees. I’m not surprised that many students choose to work after finishing compulsory education. 

From my own experience at university I’ve seen that my academic calendar works out at around five months out of twelve. Students are happy to accept long holidays with one month at Christmas, one month at Easter, and a five month summer holiday. 

For me, I’d prefer to feel as though I’m getting the most of my university education and would rather longer semesters instead of longer holidays.

I think it’s time that the government reconsider the tuition fees to enable students to live an easier life than the one their already struggling with.


The Roxy, a review by Grace Brown

As it was a flat mates birthday I thought it’d be good to find somewhere new to try out on a night out. Being students, we didn’t want to go anywhere that was too expensive. After a little research I decided on The Roxy for a night out.

Just off of Tottenham Court Road, The Roxy is a brilliant place for students. With themed nights every day of the week, there’s something for everyone. We went on their night “Choke” which plays HipHop, RnB and Garage all night long.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 18.24.23

Entry fee is a reasonable £4 with your student card for 5 hours of dancing as the event is on from 10pm to 3am giving you more than enough time to gulp down several of their excellently priced drinks. Don’t be fooled into thinking that The Roxy is just for students though; there were a lot of adults taking advantage of the deals on offer.

Drinks were very affordable, ranges of cocktail pitchers priced at £8 are the best choice, there’s enough in there for three people to share if you wanted to split the costs. Double vodka mixers are £3.40, extremely cheap for London, and there’s a two for one deal on Kronenbourg beers. There is a drink menu on the wall at the back of the bar instead of leaflets so it makes it easier for guests to see which is handy. I’d recommend their Long Island Ice Tea for definite.


The Roxy itself is spacious, there’s plenty of room to get around even when it’s packed and modernly decorated in a simple wood, brick and monochrome theme. The name of the event was lit brightly on the wall on a poster; they have one for each club night. The music being played all night ranged from ‘90s garage classics to current day chart songs, which will keep everyone happy. The atmosphere in the place was very lively and happy, no sense of friction between guests all night. The bouncers were friendly and provided help with taxis at the end of the night, and the bar staff were very efficient with delivering orders on time.

If you’re looking for a good night out in the city on a budget, head to The Roxy! I’ll definitely be going back there.

List of the Best Student Nights Out in London – by Grace Brown

One of the best things about moving to London for university is the night life, living in the capital city has its perks as there are thousands of bars available for you to choose from! Whats even better is that a whole load of them host student nights to save you some pennies (we all know London isn’t the cheapest of places)! I’ve created a list of some of the best places for you to attend during the week.

Monday nights

Place: The Roxy
Event name: Anthem
Entry fee: £1 before 11pm, £2 with student card after 11 & £5 without
Drink prices: £3.40 doubles, £8 cocktail jugs
Music: HipHop/Pop/Punk/Rock
Where is it?: Rathbone Place – Two minutes from Tottenham Court Road (W1T 1HH)
Open/close: 10:00pm – 3:00am
Ticketed event: No
Dress code: Casual

The Roxy

The Roxy

Place: Oceana
Event name: Fuzzy Logic
Entry fee: £5 for students with ID
Drink prices: £2.20 tequila/Sambuca/vodka & energy drink
Music: Three rooms ranging from Commercial/Cheesy/HipHop/RnB
Where is it?: Watford – Train to Watford (metropolitan line & five minute taxi)
Open/close: 10:00pm – 3:30am
Ticketed event: No – but you can buy tickets in advance to be sure
Dress code: “Dress to impress” – smart casual

Oceana, Watford

Oceana, Watford

Tuesday nights:

Place: Central London
Event name: 1 Big Night Out
Entry fee: £11.50 advanced ticket
Drink prices: £4.00 max
Music: Commercial/Pop
Where is it?: Starts at Verve Bar in Covent Garden at 7:30pm
Open/close: 7:30pm – 3:00am
Ticketed event: Yes
Dress code: Smart Casual – no trainers

1 Big Night Out

1 Big Night Out

Place: Ministry of Sound
Event name: Student night
Entry fee: £6 – ticketed event
Drink prices: £3.50 doubles
Music: Dance/Electro/House
Where is it?: Gaunt Street, SE1 6DP, nearest station Elephant & Castle
Open/close: 23:00pm – 5:30am
Ticketed event: Yes
Dress code: Casual

Ministry of Sound: London - London's best dance club

Ministry of Sound: London – London’s best dance club

(Ministry of Sound will send an email out via Fatsoma when a student night is being hosted, so be sure to download the app to be informed)

Wednesday nights:

Place: Borderlines
Event name: Cheapskates
Entry fee: £3 before 11pm, £5 for students w/ flyer & £6 after
Drink prices: £1 singles/ £2 doubles
Music: RnB/Commercial
Where is it?: Soho
Open/close: 10:30pm – 3:30am
Ticketed event: No
Dress code: Smart casual

Download & print this flyer for cheaper student entry at Cheapskates

Download & print this flyer for cheaper student entry at Cheapskates

Place: Zoo Bar
Event name: N/A
Entry fee: £5
Drink prices: Happy Hour 4-9
Music: RnB/Commercial/House
Where is it?: Bear Street, Leicester Square
Open/close: 4:00pm – 3:00am
Ticketed event: Rarely
Dress code: Smart casual – smart trainers allowed

Zoo Bar, London

Zoo Bar, London

Thursday nights:

Place: Proud
Event name: Mada vs … (3rd Thursday of every month)
Entry fee: £5
Drink prices: £2.50 singles/shots
Music: DJs from Ministry of Sound/Indie/HipHop/Commercial
Where is it?: Camden
Open/close: 11:00pm – 2:30am
Ticketed event: No
Dress code: Smart casual

The stables at Proud, Camden

The stables at Proud, Camden


Place: Piccadilly Institute
Event name: #Hashtag
Entry fee: N/A – ticketed event
Drink prices: £3.75 doubles/£3.50 Jägerbomb
Music: Different events each week – depends on the event
Where is it?: Piccadilly
Open/close: 10:00pm – 3:00am
Ticketed event: Yes
Dress code: Smart casual

Piccadilly Institute

Piccadilly Institute

Friday nights

Place: Sway
Event name: N/A
Entry fee: £6 after 10pm
Drink prices: £4.50 mixer
Music: Party Tunes/Club Classics/Chart Toppers
Where is it?: Queen Street, London
Open/close: 12:00pm – 3:00am
Ticketed event: No
Dress code: Smart – no trainers

Sway Bar London

Sway Bar London

Place: Press Club
Event name: N/A
Entry fee: Ladies free all night – £20 for men
Drink prices: Expensive – but if you know a promoter, free drinks all night (it also helps if you’re female)
Music: RnB/ Commercial/HipHop
Where is it?: Whitcomb Street – closest station Piccadilly Circus
Open/close: 10:30pm – 3:00am
Ticketed event: No
Dress code: Smart – dress to impress

Press Club